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Amaxhosa Brand-Laduma Ngxokolo

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Laduma Ngxokolo is an award winning designer, entrepreneur and creative artist. In 2010 he founded and created one of the most ground-breaking designer brands in the history of South Africa. His brand Maxhosa AFRICA is globally recognized with invites to showcase on international platforms like the New York Fashion Week. Laduma’s pride and creativity is reflected in the intrinsic pieces, he creates for Maxhosa Africa. The designer himself is world travelled with an innovative eye while still rooted in Africa. His pieces are made of premium material with precision craftmanship.

Laduma’s design work has been displayed and archived in the SMITHSONIAN Museum and MOMA: Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as in museums at Hamburg, Switzerland and Berlin. Having served as inspiration and one of the best-case studies of the evolution in African design. The authentic design work, exceptional craftsmanship and quality of MAXHOSA AFRICA garments make them stand out.

His designs capture the hearts of South Africans with their strong cultural links to his own heritage. Laduma assumed ownership of his own production facility, allowing a new narrative of the business of design to be established.

You can purchase his pieces online www.maxhosa.co.za or in Maxhosa Africa stores.

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