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Dj Sbu is a man who wears many hats. The DJ, whose real name is Sbusiso Leope, is a famous disk jockey, a TV and radio host, a music producer, and an established entrepreneur. He is a darling to many in his country since he encourages and advises the youth to make something out of themselves. He offers entrepreneurship lessons and has a big heart for the unemployed youth in South Africa. Sbu Leope is the epitome of success for many South Africans who adore him, having come from a poor upbringing and struggled with life. He has risen to the media industry ranks through sheer hard work and commitment. He also has dreams of being a billionaire in the future. 
Early life Sbu was born in 1979 in Tembisa, South Africa, to his parents Ntombizodwa and Mothlegi Leope. He was an only child in his family. He attended Central Secondary School in Pretoria. After high school, Leope joined Media University to study engineering. 
He loved Maths since his childhood, but as fate would have it, he joined a radio station to be a broadcast presenter. There, he worked as a volunteer producer and presenter for one and a half years. While at it, he discovered his love for both radio and TV, and since then, he became stuck to this career. Dj Sbu radio station, YFM, allowed him to break out and become famous as a radio host. Dj Sbu book The accomplished entrepreneur has written a book ‘the mindset of an entrepreneur’ that tells readers how to come up with ideas and turn them into successful businesses. The book is a best seller in South Africa.
Dj Sbu Mofaya is an energy drink for sale which he founded. He is also an MC for corporate and social events like weddings. 

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