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Rich Mnisi


RICH MNISI is a South African-based contemporary multi-disciplinary brand founded in 2015 by the Essence Best in Black Fashion Awards’ Emerging Designer of the Year for 2019, Forbes 30 under 30 Class of 2019 inductee, Rich Mnisi. Initially, a creative outlet for Mnisi, hoping to unearth Africa’s hidden treasures while also being youthful, contemporary, and modern. The brand was born from Mnisi’s yearning to connect deeper with his unique culture and heritage and tell a compelling story through his art – a story of a mysterious past, intriguing present, and reimagined future.

Each RICH MNISI collection and offering presents a distinct point of view, celebrating culture, heritage, and the common human experience. All this is packaged in extremist yet minimalist structures which are rooted in innovative design and superior craftsmanship.

The brand is the artistic manifestation of a bold vision – a vision inspired by sources outside of the realm of fashion, including film, music, art, and nature. It is completely immersive while being pointedly measured, traversing almost seamlessly between the known and unknown, constantly seeking to evolve. At RICH MNISI, the possibilities are indeed limitless as the brand continues to innovate and pioneer in its quest for full artistic expression.



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