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All Things Kitenge


All things Kitenge (ATK) is a luxury lifestyle brand inspired by our love for Africa and its African print. Though used in many African countries, African print is called by different names, from Ankara in Nigeria to Kapulana in Mozambique and Kitenge in East Africa.

Kitenge essentially is a cotton fabric with wax printed on it in various colors and designs. It has a long history and gives the Eastern African region its identity. Kitenge is mostly worn by women either as tailor-made clothing or wrapped around the chest, the waist, or over the head as a headscarf. Men also typically wear Kitenge shirts and pants.

At ATK we use Kitenge to make clothing, fashion accessories from jewelry to bags, handicrafts, and home furnishings. We also have product lines curated exclusively from countries like Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Benin and Nigeria, and South Africa. All of which are made in Africa by various artisans and manufacturers.

Due to the nature of the wax printing process, it is impossible to make each piece of cloth look exactly the same so each product is truly unique. And since the fabric used is cut by hand, this means each item you purchase is definitely one of a kind.

Our focus is on creating opportunities for African artisans and manufacturing, sustainable fashion, fair trade and ultimately rebranding Africa by showcasing products that equate Made in Africa with excellence. 

We have a lot of exciting products coming up from different African countries so visit our online shop and stay tuned.


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We work with African brands to create partnerships which connect them with our curious and world wide-minded audience through bespoke branded content, sponsorship and advertising opportunities.




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