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Mkhala Gin


My name is Angel Theledi sole founder of Mkhala African Gin, 100% black female owned. Mkhala derived from the name “Mkhalanyoni” meaning harming of birds how beautiful and unique.

Mkhala African Gin by Angel Theledi inspired by the dusty rural streets of Dennilton, Limpopo a place we call home. Our handcrafted Gin delivers a sophisticated, wild, invigorating, and refreshing twist. Each batch is lovingly distilled here in Mzansi, using local ingredients and a special blend of aromatic botanicals.

The passion for gin is a generational wealth passed down from our great grandmother to my father’s house Enos Toya Theledi and his love for gin, home is where it all started to the women selling Morula beer along the road on every busy corner of Dennilton, their wisdom and passion taught me that poverty can be eliminated through hard work and discipline.

Visit: https://gazaspirits.com/

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