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Skinny Sbu Socks


Sbu’s love and obsession with socks started at a very young age. He is 1.9m tall and while growing up his pants were often not long enough and his socks would always show.  He began to pay a lot of attention to the type of socks he wore because they were always on display.  Sbu was raised in a house full of women; grandmother, mother, aunt, and sister which made him very aware of style and fashion.

22-year-old Sbu opened the company of his sock, Skinny Sbu Socks, in April 2013; he specializes in exclusive stylish socks for gentleman socks were a very important part of his look; he paid special attention to where they came from and was surprised to find out that most socks sold in South Africa are not manufactured here. He decided to start his own sock line and soon realized there was a lack of South African designers specializing in socks for men.

 Sibusiso was born and raised in Tsakane, a township in Gauteng’s East Rand. A business mentor who owns a shop in Maboneng, Johannesburg, hosts monthly sessions where entrepreneurs meet, network, pitch ideas, and receive feedback from their peers. Sibusiso pitched his sock line and was spotted by a CNN employee, which leads to him landing a three-minute feature on CNN’s ‘African Start-Up’ which focuses on young, up-and-coming African entrepreneurs in March 2014.

 Sbu’s line of socks targets young, metropolitan men who care about their looks from head to toe. They are colorful, funky and incorporate every color of the rainbow with different patterns and graphics. Some of his more popular clients include Top Billing presenter Tumisho Masha, radio DJ T Bo Touch and musical band The Muffinz.He supplies his socks to Urban Gentleman; a store in Maboneng, he makes personal deliveries to clients who often reach him through social networking sites. At the moment, Sbu is attending a six-week course at The Branson Centre of Entrepreneuship in Braamfontein.  He is due to launch a new sock line in June 2014. What started out as a way of trying to be stylish is fast making Sbumore and more popular in an era where the modern man is becoming more conscious of his style, including the way his sock

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