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Uncle Cam


At Uncle Cam’s, we have always had a passion for pickled and tapas style foods, taking every opportunity to break out the cheese and biscuits, dish the olives and rustle up the jars of pickles and sauces. Hours are spent around a table with family and friends snacking on these heavenly delights. Well, at least in our households.

There was one problem though… there  always seemed to be something missing. The olives were too plain or too bitter, the gherkins were too sweet or never had enough “zing” to them and the onions were flat and didn’t kick your proverbial taste bud’s ass like you wanted them to.

Jam and Cam’s passion for flavour and taste perfection meant there was only one way to get what they wanted – they would have to make their own! Through many trials, errors and successes, the end results became absolutely amazing! Friends and family couldn’t get enough and word spread about these delightful treats.

And so Uncle Cam’s Artisanal Pickles & Sauces was born.All of our raw materials are locally sourced, from our farmers and markets. Our products are small batch artisanal creations made to please. We do not produce run-of-the-mill products that can be found on just any shelf… We produce special offerings bursting with flavours that tantalize your taste buds. We use all-natural ingredients and our products have no added preservatives.


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We work with African brands to create partnerships which connect them with our curious and world wide-minded audience through bespoke branded content, sponsorship and advertising opportunities.




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