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About Drip Drip Footwear is more than just a sneaker. It is a brand that is dedicated to working with customers to design the future. Design and Quality are at the core of everything we do. We are accessible and we collaborate with others to amplify our impact. We strive to be a dependable, responsive, imaginative […]

Local HubLocal HubJuly 16, 2021

The Bathu story is more than just a story of Sneakers. It’s a story of owning your destiny, of staying true to who you are, of perseverance, of following your dreams and doing something you are passionate about. It’s a story of walking your journey. Our founder, Theo Baloyi’s story is one worth hearing as […]

Local HubLocal HubJuly 16, 2021

The VAYA Footwear project is a sneaker business with the primary goal of igniting the hustle fire and ambition in the hearts of South Africans. The word VAYA is a South African township slang which means “go”, “to go” or “going”. This common word can also be used as motivation to “Go get it!” which […]

Local HubLocal HubJuly 17, 2021

Ntenga School Shoes is a proudly South African Brand with our School Shoes being manufactured in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Ntenga School Shoes was established in the year 2017 with the goal to provide premium quality school shoes that are affordable and accessible to people across Africa. Our shoes are made out of the best quality materials […]

Local HubLocal HubJuly 16, 2021

Mama Kea is a Johannesburg, South Africa-based footwear company that is quite the contrast to the fast fashion brands of today in its approach, each pair of woven shoes are made by hand and equipped with a comfortable sneaker sole. They’re made in conjunction with elders and millennials working symbiotically, and some pairs don African […]

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Ribbons Collection is a South African manufacturer of handmade, genuine leathermen’s shoes and is proudly 100% black woman-owned.  All our shoes are handmade to fit the comfort of a client’s desire for the shoe and they are custom-made according to our client’s needs. Ribbons Collection offers a range of sophisticated shoes, from Formal, semi-formal, casual […]

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LandLords Footwear represents a symbol of ownership and equity. A symbol of a new breed and the dawn of young Africans who yearn to possess ownership and participate in decision making, growth strategies and map out the future and build legacies. “FOR ME ITS REALY ABOUT PAN-AFRICAN TRADING AND INVESTMENT, THE TIME IS NOW FOR […]

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The house of Twii is more than just a fashion company. It’s the African dream , by an African child.  This is about knowing you worth , knowing the power of your present , staying the course regardless of the time and the scarify taken , its about the representation of an identity that was […]

Local HubLocal HubJuly 17, 2021

Hibacci is a South African, Johannesburg-based Footwear brand established in 2019 by professional rugby player Hacjivah Daymani and designer Bheka Dlamini. The versatile duo came together on the common grounds of creating affordable and competitive, high-quality footwear. Hibacci strives to be the most recognizable brand name out of Africa through our timeless, contemporary, and quality […]

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